My name is Jana Rogers.  I am the face behind the name Timber and Pine Studios.  I am often accompanied by my amazing husband Matt Rogers.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest on four acres in the country.  I love everything Pacific Northwest!  There is nothing better than being surrounded by lush woods and amazing rivers, with hiking and adventure at our doorstep.  Shopping and amazing restaurants are right at our fingertips.  We can be in the country and in less than fifteen minutes have an amazing cup of coffee in our hands!  Heaven!  Six years ago I borrowed a friend's camera to take some photos of our kids.  I fell in love with what I saw through the lens.  I studied for hours on end to know my craft.  I have always been an artsy person but like many who are into art I could never settle on one thing.  I still love many forms of art but photography has become my favorite outlet.  I love making magic behind the camera.  

 instagram- @janamr